Social Media


lite social media package

Lite From R550

Our Lite package is ideal for individuals and small businesses that have a limited budget but want a Facebook presence to promote their brand, products and services as well as monitor customer activity on their page.

  • Facebook Account Setup
  • 2 posts per month
  • Content Creation
  • Customer Feedback Monitoring
  • Ad Campaign Management *

standard social media package

Standard From R1 600

Our Standard package is ideal for businesses who want to actively engage with their consumers. This package will allow you to outsource your social media presence to experts who will monitor and promote your brand.

  • Facebook Account Setup
  • 8 posts per month
  • Content Creation & Custom Graphic Design
  • Customer Feedback Monitoring
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Ad Campaign Management *
  • Monthly Reports

professional social media package

Professional From R3 200

Our Professional package is ideal for businesses who want need a full house social media solution. Your dedicated account manager will design a social media strategy that will align business goals with proposed social media goals.

  • Multiple Social Media Platforms**
  • 10+ posts per month
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Content Creation & Custom Graphic Design
  • Customer Feedback Monitoring
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Ad Campaign Management *
  • Monthly Reports and Competitor Analysis

*Doesn’t Include Facebook Ad Budget
** Social Media Platforms include Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Google Business, Twitter, Instagram

Our Social Media Packages

Our Social Media packages cater for all business levels and types. Let’s be honest, no one scrolls through the yellow pages anymore. They take a minute to research your company and its reviews online. That’s where you exist in the client’s mind and without an adequate online presence, that’s where you will stay amongst the millions of other business offering the same services as you. But with the correct social media and online presence, we can separate you from your competitors, give your company a personality, a look and feel which draws your clients in.

Who should use our social media packages?

Our aim is to manage your online reputation and presence, so that you can focus on running your business. Our packages are aimed at all business types and sizes. If you’re wanting to increase your online presence or enhance your social media reputation but don’t have the correct knowledge or means on how to do so, then that becomes our job.

Why would your business need a good online presence?

  • Find new customers
  • Show case new products and launches. It’s quicker and easier to update a page post than to print out a flyer or change a billboard.
  • Create impressive brand recognition and a brand following
  • You can advertise your product or business and gain valuable insight into what customers really like about it.
  • Create a community that supports your business and a following willing to talk about your business.
  • It’s fantastic for Search Engine Optimisation! The larger your online presence, the easier it is to find your business.

What could you get out of our online packages?

All our social media packages include the following:

Custom Content Creation – We will create quality content curated to suit the outcomes you wish to achieve through campaigns, product launches or customer interactions.

Targeted Advertising – We will be able to target your advertising at your “perfect client”. In doing so, not only will we be able to reach out to your existing clients but to even more people who actually want to see your content. The more specific your content and advertising aims are, the more chances your brand will be shown to the correct people.

SEO – Through careful wording and proper advertising, we will optimise your online presence to yield the most results through Search Engine Optimisation. The better your SEO is, the more likely you are to be found among your thousands of competitors.

Comprehensive Marketing Strategy – We will ensure your business goals align with your social media goals. We will do this by doing a complete analysis of your online presence, company background and which target market the company is trying to capitalise on.

Campaign Management – We will ensure the complete management of all online campaigns and ensure they are targeted to the right people and yield the best results.

Copy Writing and Dedicated Manager – We will ensure all the copy that is released, is of the best quality, fits the companies personality and is targeted at the right people. Our dedicated brand manager will ensure that and be able to offer advice along the way if need be.

Monthly Progress Report – At the end of each month you will get a progress report with all the details concerning your campaigns.

Social Media Page Management – We will manage your social media pages from start to finish and always bring relative information to light, whether it’s a question form the consumer or feedback. You will always know how your campaigns are doing and what the consumer thinks.

What to expect from our team of online experts

  • Professional management of your online presence
  • Targeted advertising, therefore less money spent on the wrong types of adverts.
  • Guidance and advice from our team and a dedicated social media brand manager.
  • An increase in your online presence, therefore gaining more followers and opening up gaps in the market where your brand can be better advertised.